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I had mentioned a new book – Don’t Laugh A Woman’s Playbook to the U-R-In Line for the Women’s Public Bathroom… Again!, that I’d written, with two very important women in my life. The book came about as a result of the three of us being at a conference of about 600 people, 400 or so of which were women. We spent most of the weekend standing in line to go to the bathroom. Which is why the book was written. We had so much fun writing it. We laughed a lot.

Our whole purpose for writing it was really because the fact that there weren’t enough bathrooms at such a well-known venue. Which was ridiculous and because when women were standing in line, they wouldn’t smile, talk or really acknowledge others. Our goal was to bring some awareness to this issue and to help women as we are all in this together.

One of the exciting things that came out of writing this book was that we got interviewed by At Forty-Five Magazine. See below for the interview.


Interview At Forty-Five

I have quite the phobia of public bathrooms so the Facebook post caught my attention immediately.  The title Don’t Laugh: A Woman’s Playbook to the U-R-In Line for the Women’s Public Bathroom…Again!” seemed to be speaking to me.

“Changing the world one pee at a time.” well, those are big panties to fill and rightfully so, I discovered it needed three sisters to cover all the facets of this complex issue.

Women around the world deal with the issue of going to the bathroom many times a day.  Safety, privacy, comfort, quality of experience, what should be a simple act, never is.

I spent a delightful hour talking and laughing with the three sisters, Alisa GamblinGlenna Mageau and Helen Dougherty. Each accomplished in their own right, it was inspiring to hear how this book came about and what they learned in the endeavor.

Plan for writing

Don’t Laugh A Woman’s Playbook to the U-R-In Line for the Women’s Public Bathroom… Again!

“Play Bigger in the World”

To read the full article, click here: Sisters Unite

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