Don’t Laugh

A Woman’s Playbook to the U-R-In Line for the Women’s Public Bathroom… Again!

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You gotta pee…  You gotta pee… Oh where, oh where could the women’s public bathroom be?

Oh there it is, you can tell by the long line up. You find your place, U-R-IN line. You look to the floor and shuffle forward, your mind racing. Please hurry. Why don’t they build more bathrooms—so many women, so few stalls? Women’s bathroom pretty much always have a lineup, no toilet paper, and tiny stalls. Who designs these things?

It is a very familiar scene that we as women experience all too often… and it isn’t fun, which is why we created this book, Don’t Laugh, A Women’s Playbook to the U-R-In Line for the Woman’s Public Bathroom… Again! This is a lighthearted look at this problem and what women can do to decrease their stress and to support their sisters at this time.

So the next time U-R-IN line, imagine for a moment connecting with other women. You turn to your neighbour and begin a conversation—Have you read… Do you know the song… Have you practiced the dance… Oh you haven’t? You must…

Read the book, have a laugh, sing a ditty, and learn the dance… although we’re pretty sure you already know it.

Our goal is to make the world a happier place, one pee at a time.

Live, love, laugh… just not too hard while U-R-In Line.

“Don’t Laugh” is a hilarious read that every woman can relate to. I read it in one sitting and I kept thinking it was the perfect book for reading in the bathroom itself…” International Award-winning Author P.M. Terrell

Gisele Jubinville

“Funny and fully relatable, its down-to-earth contents describe an all too familiar experience and confirms why it should always be female architects who design women’s public washrooms.”

(Gisele Jubinville, Healer with the Message Art)

Diane Albano

“This amazing little book captures the private and public thoughts of women waiting In-Line for a Women’s Public Bathroom. It will make you laugh out loud!”

(Diane Albano Ed.D., Owner of LEAD Consulting and Coaching and Author of Nice Has No Voice Self-leadership Strategies )

Donna Barker

“Don’t Laugh offers a lighthearted way of changing the world, one pee at a time.  I’m not sure if this book should be shelved with humour or community-building titles…”

(Donna Barker,  Award-winning Author and founder of Write, Woman, Write! )

Alisa Gamblin

Alisa Gamblin is a certified hypnotherapist, sound and energy healer, public speaker, workshop facilitator, world traveler and writer. Her writing career began in detention in grade 4—her 1st 2000 word essay. Even then her creative mind found writing came as a natural ability, which allowed her to share a message. Alisa now uses her natural writing abilities to craft stories that hold deeper meaning and secrets to creating a better life. Her passion and purpose is awakening women, around the globe, to their greatness.


Learn more at www.thebeliefconnection.com


Glenna Mageau

Glenna Mageau is an award-winning author, the write success coach and creator of the Women Writes Movement. Her passion is writing and to help women find their voice through writing. Her goal is to have everyone have fun with writing and to, Write for the love of it! Her passion is to empower and inspire women to know there is more for them and to discover and explore their gifts and talents.


Learn more at www.womenwritesmovement.com and www.maggiethom.com

Helen Dougherty

Helen Dougherty is an accomplished writer who started her journey at a young age writing poetry. At the age of 23, she had a weekly column in a small newspaper. Since that time, Helen has continued to write, especially poetry. She is passionate about being of service to people, helping them re-awaken their dreams and step into living a life they absolutely love! Helen has found that humor can be a big part of this, as this book attests.


Learn more at www.wonderfullliving.com

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