“…a wonderful way for adult sons and daughters to hopefully improve relationships with their Dad, learn something new or just have intriguing conversations with their fathers…” Author Christine Jackson

What do you really know about your Dad?

Do you know much about his childhood? The difficulties he has faced? The fun things he did? The things he wished he had done?

Your dad is so much more than the man who raised you. He grew up in a time very different from yours—the beliefs, habits, and expectations were very different, as were the way things were done. Your dad has seen a lot in his life, getting to hear his journey will help you to understand him in a whole new light.

Start the conversation with your dad, especially if he is elderly. This book is a guide which provides questions to ask, as well as how and when to ask them. Use this as a way to grow, mend and/or heal the relationship between you and your dad; preserve this man’s journey through life and in particular his role as Dad. His story is his legacy to you.

“…this book, Do You Know Your Dad's Story? becomes more valuable as the decades slip past, providing a snapshot in time not only of the individuals but also of the era in which they lived…” p.m.terrell, international award-winning, author. 

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My goal is to help you not only document and preserver this man’s journey but to also grow, mend and/or heal your relationship with your dad. To do that you need to understand his life, his journey.

Your Dad’s Story, What do you Really Know?

What do you really know about your dad? Do you know what he liked to do as a child? Do you know what he wanted to do? What made him laugh? Being a dad is I’m sure amazing but going back in time there truly is a lot of pressure on men to be the bread-winner, to ensure that the family’s needs were taken care of – food, clothing, shelter. Now imagine you grew up before the ’60’s, a time when there was specific expectations for men and for women. It was a very different time. And if your dad is over 70, he grew up in a time of different expectations, roles and beliefs.


The Fun and Interesting stuff

What are some of the fun/interesting events in his life? In his childhood? Tweens? Teens? In his 20’s? 30’s? 40’s? 50’s? 60’s? 70’s? 80′? 90’s? 100’s?

Did he ever do something daring? Or want to? Did he ever climb a tree?

And so many more …

Your Dad's Birth

Where exactly was he born—in hospital, at home, enroute, other?

Where did he sleep as a baby? (crib, dresser drawer, in bed with parents…)

What was something special his mom liked to do with him as a baby? Toddler? Child?

And so many more …

Your Dad's Upbringing

Where did your dad grow up? In the country (rural)? In the city (urban)?

Did he have a nickname? How did he get it? Did he like it? Is he still called that? By whom?

Did he have to do chores? What chores?

And so many more …

His Family & Family History

What is his mom’s story? Where born? Where raised? What was it like for her as a child?

What is his dad’s story? Where born? Where raised? What was it like for him as a child?

Did they have family reunions? If yes, where? when? who came?

and so many more …

Marriage and Relationships

His parents – how did they meet? where were they married? what was their wedding like?

Your parents – how did they meet? where were they married? what was their wedding like?

What is his best advice for a successful relationship?

and so many more …


What did your dad like about school? Where did he go to school?

What grade or level did he achieve in school? post-secondary?

Was he encouraged to get an education?

Favorite sujbect? Least favorite subject?

and so many more …

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, beliefs, abilities, skills, knowledge…

My goal is to help you to connect with your dad in a new way. When you were a child, your dad was someone you looked up to—to be your protector, your guide, your mentor, your instructor. Sometimes he did it well and maybe sometimes he missed the mark. Sometimes you might have seen him a lot and sometimes hardly at all. You may have had a great relationship with your father or hardly one at all.

Where to start.


The role of dads has changed a lot over the last century. Dads are now more involved in all aspects of raising their kids but that wasn’t always the case. For a long time, Dads weren’t really involved in the day-to-day aspects of their child’s life—from their home life, raising them, to what they did at school, to that of attending their children’s events or activities.

When we reach old age, we should be happy, healthy, loving life, know that we made a positive difference, know we matter and to feel connected. If possible, let’s do that for our dads, if you can’t heal that relationship for whatever reason, then heal it from your perspective. Our relationships with our dads affect our lives in ways that we can’t often measure, so the more we are at peace with that relationship, the healthier and happier we will be.

Get to know who your dad really is.

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