Most Women Never Step Into Their Dream

My Goal is to flip that!



Live a Life You Love!










Ebook – Available now for Pre-Order

Paperback – Available by May 1, 2018


Will be available before Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday in May)



What is your dream?

Are you clear on what it is?

Or how to go and get it?

You’re at that stage in your life…

you’ve looked after everyone else…

you’ve had the career…

you finally have time for you…

and you realize you’re not fulfilled!

you want something different!

Glenna is the Empower Yourself and Live Your Dream Expert!

If you are ready for positive change?

Ready to take the leap into your dream?

Ready to believe in your dream?

Ready to believe your dream is ready for you?

Then it’s time… time to do something different

so you can achieve something different!

Live the Dream You Desire

Glenna left a 25 year plus career in management and took the leap to live the life of her dreams. That was ten years ago and she hasn’t looked back.


To live your passion and purpose, means you are ready for change. Take that step!

Write the book that is begging to be told!

Glenna is an Award-Winning Author of 6 books – 5 suspense/thrillers and one nonfiction humor. She knows how to write a good book and how to overcome those hurdles holding you back.


Writing a book is an incredible journey, write it today, tomorrow might be too far away!



Your Dream is Waiting for You!






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