Own Your Story

Share Your Brilliance


Live Your Passion and Purpose!

Are you clear on what you want to do… be… have… in life?

We get so caught up in what we don’t have and all that we think we are not that we don’t often see or explore our gifts and talents.

You already have within you all that you need to succeed.

It’s time to believe… it’s time to step into the life you want to live… the dream you want to experience…

It’s time to believe in you.

You have many gifts and talents.

Believe in the power of you.

Own Your Story! Let it Empower You!

Glenna is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Write Success Coach



What do you really know about your mom’s story?

Do you know what your mom loved to do as a child?

Do you know any of her stories from her teen years?

How did she get along with her parents?

What is the funnest moment in her life?


It’s time to really get to know your mom!


My Goal is to Empower Women to OWN their story and stand in the Beauty of Who They Are!

Going into old age, we should know that we are loved, feel connected and know that our lives mattered.

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