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When we reach old age, we should feel loved, connected

and know that our lives mattered.

My Story

How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a The Write Success Coach?

First, I need to share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story,” that brought me to where I am today—helping women get to the ‘Heart of Who They Are’. That defining moment happened in 2008.

I’ve always considered myself as strong, independent and unstoppable.

I had a great career, I was married, had kids…

I was living the life that I thought I should be…

Then my world crashed… and I realized I had been living a lie!

I started my career out of University, working as a Recreation Therapist with Seniors. I loved that job. I loved working with seniors and learned so much. But the sad truth was that not many of them were all that happy. Many, especially the women, felt like they were being left behind, like their lives didn’t really matter, that they hadn’t really made a difference.

I found this incredibly sad… and wrong.

I had always had an okay relationship with my mom but at times it was frustrating. There was so much about her that I admired. She was one of the women back in the 40’s who stepped outside the norm—she got educated and she worked. She was 1 of 2 women who graduated from University in a class of 126. Wow! I found that so admirable. And she worked for a while.

But then she met my dad and got married and she really stepped back from her dream. She played ‘second fiddle’ to my father. I didn’t understand it.

So I set out to prove something. I set out to prove I could do it all—be married, have kids, be educated, have a career…

But then in 2008 my father died and my mom was in some ways lost. She thought she’d be okay but soon found that she was lonely and unsure what she wanted.

And sadly a few months after my dad died, my mom had a heart-attack.

After her heart-attack she came to live with me which was not easy but it did teach me a lot. I realized how much influence she’d had on my life, my choices and my career. Some of it was because of the rules she’d taught me about the way I needed to show up—respectful, work hard, always use my manners, do for others…— but some of it was because I had something to prove to her—women could do it all, have a family, a career and not play “second fiddle” to anyone…

I hated the feeling of being so out of control and lost.

I realized I had misunderstood so much about my mom and my childhood.

I spent time not just getting to know my mom but understanding her, the choices she’d made and I also learned to understand how she expressed love. It transformed our relationship. The eye-openers I got were amazing. Along with these healing conversations I also started on a quest to determine who I was and what I wanted. Because after I quit my job (which I did in the midst of this chaos) I had no idea.

Through working with a coach/mentor and doing some deep personal work, I uncovered me. It was so liberating. I became empowered enough to change my life and pursue my long-lost dream of becoming an author.

I thought I had been invincible but the biggest mistake I had made is that I had done nothing to take care of me or get to know me. I hadn’t been taught to ever put myself first but really that’s what I thought I had been doing. I thought that being this woman who was educated, in a high ranking position, raising a family would show that I had made it.

And I think that many women feel this way, that if they follow the rules and play by the rules then they are doing it right and their self-worth is tied in there somewhere.

I used to see 2008 as the year from hell but now I call it my Wadoodle year. It was painful, unexplainable, emotional and mind-blowing but also life-changing. It is one of the most incredible years of my life.

Because of my mom, I started to interview women who back in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s had stepped outside the norm—they worked or got educated. These women had lead dynamic and life changing lives… for all the women who came after them. They opened doors for women. I was so inspired by these women but I also realized that many did not see their lives as all that special or that they’d done anything really all that important.

I was shocked. But as women we are very humble and just do what needs to be done. And especially many women who are in their 70’s or older.

I truly believe that is important that we all learn to reframe our past so that we see it as positive and a great learning experience and to understand that we do what we know with what we have. The more we can shift to see the positive, happier and healthier we will be.

I transformed my life. I love who I am and I am now living the life I love.

And I’m on a mission to help women get to the heart of who they are,

to understand, love and accept who they are.

I am Glenna Mageau. I finally stepped away from a 20+ year career and into my dream. I am now an award-winning author of 5 published suspense/thrillers and 2 nonfiction self discovery books, and I am an Award-Winning Author, Speaker and The Write Success Coach. After I healed my relationship with my mom, I understood and healed so much of myself that not only did we get some really good quality time before she passed away but she got to see me step up and live the life I wanted. Because my mom’s story was so inspiring and important, I founded The Women Writes Movement, I help women find their voice through writing;

And I have created Honoring Mom, The Gift of Who She Is and How Do I Get Mom to Share Her Story?

Getting to know and understand your mom will be the best gift you can give her and give yourself.


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