Flattered… But It Appears To Be A Scam

Women of Distinction Magazine – not worthy

So I got this email… not once but twice. Of course I was tickled when I opened it but something just seemed off. Not sure what but a habit I’ve gotten into is when I receive something from someone I don’t know I do research. So that’s what I did. And I found some interesting things out. They appear to have a nice magazine layout but… from what I can find it appears to be false. I didn’t reply but then thought others might be sent this email as well, so wanted to share.
First and foremost this is


I found this article: https://ethicsalarms.com/2015/07/23/ethics-dunce-women-of-distinction-magazine/
(they don’t seem to do much research on who they send it to)
and then I googled the phone number and found this: https://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-631-465-9024
(they ask for money)
And then I googled this Ann Silar and while she is on social media like LinkedIn, she has no profile picture.

Dear Glenna,

We would like to write an article about you in an upcoming issue of Women of Distinction Magazine. There are 30 women in each issue, all from different industries and we would like you to represent the field of Personal Development & Author.

Our summer issue is featuring all Professional Women of Canada.

Please visit www.womenofdistinction.net for more information and to see the latest issue.
Our past issues can be found on:

—  https://titlestand.com/t/filter?search=women+of+distinction

Let me know a good day and time to go over the process for creating your article.

Anne Silar
Senior Editor
Women of Distinction Magazine

Anne Silar
Senior Editor
Women of Distinction Magazine
If you get emails like this, make sure to check them out on the internet. Its sad that they’ve taken something that means something and turned it into whatever this is. Beware.

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