Discover Your Mom's Journey
“…it reaches far beyond dates of birth, marriage and death and into the heart and soul of a woman and her family…” Multi-Award-Winning Author P.M. Terrell

What do you really know about your Mom?

Do you know what her hopes, dreams and desires were? Did she live them?

Your mom is so much more than the woman who raised you. She grew up in a time very different from yours—there were different beliefs, habits, and ways of doing things. Your mom has seen a lot in her life, getting to hear her journey will help you to understand her in a whole new light. Now is the time get to know her and to document her life. The only way to find out about your mom’s story is to ask… because one day she won’t be there anymore.

When we reach old age we should know our lives mattered, that we mattered, that we are loved, happy and feel connected.

This book offers a way to start conversations between you and your mom—in particular, elderly mothers. It is a guide which provides questions to ask, as well as how and when to ask them. Use this as a way to grow, heal and/or mend the relationship between mom and child; preserve this woman’s journey through life and in particular her role as Mom. Her story is her legacy to you.

“…insightful questions with thought provoking examples and explanations…” Christine Jackson

Why understanding your mom’s journey is important?

Your relationship with your mom might be affecting your life in more ways than you realize.

How well do you know your mom’s story—why she made some decisions she did, what she really wanted in life, what she regrets…

Understanding your mom will give you a whole new perspective on her and on your own life.

Help your mom understand the importance of her life.

Your mother is an amazing woman, she may not know that, though. All women are amazing, but Moms really do hold a special place. The truth is being a Mom is a journey and not always an easy one. There is so much to do and really there is no ‘rule book’ on how you are to raise this little one that is now so dependent on you. Your mom might have gotten most of it right, she may have only gotten some of it right or she may have really struggled as a mom but do you know why she made the decisions she did… why she had the struggles she did… what made her happy… what she truly believed about herself.

My goal is to help you grow, mend or heal your relationship with your mom.

Getting to know your mom will not only be a gift to her but to you as well. It will help you to understand who this woman really is and it will help you to understand who you are and the decisions you have made in your life.

When we reach old age, we should be happy, healthy, loving life,

know we made a positive difference, know we matter and to feel connected. If possible let’s do that for our moms. I know not all relationships can be healed so if you can’t heal your relationship with your mother, for whatever reason, then heal it from your perspective. Our relationships with our moms affect our lives in ways we can’t often measure, so the more we are at peace with that connection, the healthier and happier we all will be.


Start the conversation today.



Taking the time to get your mom's story.

It is the best gift.




Glenna Mageau, Multi-Award Winning Author & Speaker

Glenna is the author of heart-touching and humorous nonfiction (Glenna Mageau) and suspense/thrillers (Maggie Thom).

Glenna has always had a love of writing. She first discovered her love of words when she started cutting them out of books. Cat in the Hat was her first victim. When she started cutting words out of books her mom was reading, that's when she learned she could write her own words. She wrote her first book at age of 9. Unfortunately, she took a detour from writing and instead got a degree in Kineseology and then worked in a career that she loved. After getting married and having children she realized she was a long way from her dream. She started the journey back towards it. She published her first book in 2012 and hasn't looked back since.

Since then she has won several awards for her writing.


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