Adding emails to your safe sender list, or whitelisting them, is a good idea. But what is it and why do you need to do that?

Each email host sets up filters to catch spam. They are trying to weed out those emails that are unwanted or might be malicious. So the email hosts are doing what they can to make sure that kind of email is not going through. However, sometimes those emails that you do want to come to you, don’t. They end up in your spam folder.

So to whitelist an email means that you are adding that email to your safe senders list and your email host won’t throw their content into your spam folder.

To ensure that you are receiving emails from me, here is a comprehensive guide for how to whitelist my emails. This will help to ensure that the emails you want to get through (i.e. those that come from me – The Write Success 🙂 ) make it through to you. I’d hate for you to miss out.

Thank you Aweber for this really thorough guide: Whitelist your emails/add emails to your safe list.


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