Your protagonist is key to the fiction book blurb.
Write a Compelling Fiction Book Blurb
Your protagonist or main character is the key to grabbing the reader’s attention and drawing them into reading your novel.
Let’s look at your protagonist and who s/he/it is. When you’re writing your story, you are right there with your protagonist every step of the way. You’re there when things are going well. You’re there when things aren’t going well. You’re there when your protagonist is confused about what s/he is doing or where they are going. You know who your protagonist is. You know what your protagonist looks like. You know how your protagonist thinks. The point is that you are there with your protagonist and you know your protagonist and what s/he/it looks like, feels, knows and does.

And now you need to share that with your reader.

Let the reader know your character
So when writing your fiction book blurb, keep in mind who your protagonist is.
  1. Give your protagonist’s name

Look at the two statements below.
My friend went skydiving for the first time…
Edna went skydiving for the first time…Generally what is going to happen is that when you have a name you start to get an image of who that person is and visualizing them skydiving. Where if you don’t have a name, you don’t really get that visual or that connection.

2. What is key to know about who your protagonist is, in the story

So here you want to look at what is key to the protagonist and the situation they are in.
If the protagonist is a judge but wants to be a singer, then career would be important.
If the protagonist is a mom at 15, then age would be important.
If the protagonist is homeless but suddenly becomes a millionaire then their financial situation is important.
If the protagonist is born with black fur and everyone else has orange fur then their physical appearance is important.It’s important to choose those things that give a sense of what makes your protagonist stand out from the others’ in the story. Why have you written about this character?

3. Where is your protagonist at? Where does your protagonist want to be?

Here you really want to talk about the struggles that your protagonist are up against. From the example above, the person is a judge but wants to be a singer, what are the hurdles – how to make it happen, judgement from others, age, etc. Choose those things that are in your protagonist’s way – either physical hurdles and/or the mental/emotional ones that get in the way.

“I need to convey who my protagonist is so the reader feels connected and wants to find out what happens with my protagonist.”
Make your reader care.
Bring your character to life, share who this person or thing is with your audience. Make them believe this protagonist is real and someone they should care about. They should want to know who or what this character is up against and want to be right there with them as they go through their journey.
Your protagonist is key to the fiction book blurb.
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