Writing through the Holidays

Writing takes more than just time. Writing is something that not only do you need to find the time to write but it’s also about finding the mental focus. I know for me, when I write I zone everything else out. If people share something with me while I’m in that space, I may give them all the right nods and uh-huhs but ask me later what they said, and I probably can’t tell you. Don’t tell my family that though. 🙂

Now writing during the holidays is really quite tough. There is a lot going on and a lot to distract you. I know I find it difficult to not just find the time but the energy to zone in on my story. Especially right now, I am editing and rewriting my novel. That takes even more focus as I need more than one day of just writing. I need a few weeks of intense focus so that I can go through and read it all. For me, I need to be able to give my full attention so that I can figure out all the twists and turns that need to be present, those things that are redundant, where are the plot holes and where did I change the character’s eye color. For me it is a lot more intensive.

Christmas time isn’t the best time for me to write. It’s busy with a number of things going on. And I like to take a break from that and focus on family and friends and all of the other fun things we can be doing.

Do you have the time or the energy?

It really depends on you, the time you have and where you want to put your energy this time of year. If you’re a writer though, those great ideas will still come up. They will still pop up at the most unexpected time. You never know they might just be the best idea you’ve ever had for a story. So believe me you will want to write them down… or they are gone. You have a couple of choices to make – you can ignore the ideas all together or to make sure you don’t lose those great ideas, you can either write them down, get on your computer and type them or you can record them.

What are the choices?

If you want the real easy way, then use your cell phone and record them. To be honest I never think of doing this but it is so easy nowadays with all that cell phones are capable of. Do a short video of your idea. It’s a great way to get your idea down and to see how much the idea gets your creativity going.

If you want the easy way to write it down, go buy a couple of small coil back books and put one by your bed, one by your couch or chair and one in any other room you hang out in (i.e. office). And when those ideas come up, write them down. Put down all that comes to you.

And lastly, if you have the time, go to your computer and jot down all of your ideas into word, or scrivener, or any other software that you use for writing. This can be a little more time consuming and sometimes too easy to distract you. You know, well now that I’m on here, I should check… I need to do this one thing… For me this becomes a rabbit hole that will send me off doing twenty other things, which I truly don’t want to become distracted with. Not at this time of year because that few minutes I was going to sit down and type up my great idea turned into a few hours that I’m not spending time with family.

Choose which method works best for you.

The best part?

Once you start writing, you might find that it takes a few minutes or you might find that it naturally pulls you into writing a whole lot. And that is awesome. Let it take you there. The good news is that if you don’t have time to continue it, you at least have it to approach in the new year. The problem with this method, although I still use it and like it, is that you then have your ideas in several books.

If you do get going on your writing just remember that you may have others who want to see you as well, at this time of year. So don’t get too carried away.

Write through the holidays.

So don’t skip the writing this Christmas but if you don’t have the time or the energy to focus on it, just make sure that you make it easy to get down your ideas. Then you’ll be all set to write the story in the new year.

What do you find works for you at this time of year? Do you keep writing? Or do you stop for the holidays?

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