Write a Compelling Fiction Book Blurb
When writing your story, you’re really trying to get the ideas from your head to paper and do it in a way that is interesting to someone else. It doesn’t sound like it should be difficult but it does take practice and many rewrites.

And writing the novel is just the first step in getting others to read it. Now that you’ve got the story to where you want it, it’s time to entice the reader to want to read it. That’s where the fiction book blurb comes in. It needs to be a compelling, interesting description that gives a glimpse inside the pages of your novel. It needs to be short, intense and tell its own story. But it needs to do that in a way that grabs attention and creates action.

Easy-peasy, right?

Well, I didn’t find it that way for a long time. Actually, until I stopped doing what I was doing and took the time to really learn what made a fiction book blurb help a reader take action, it was difficult.

One of the key things I learned was that you have to make the reader care about your story. You have to connect them to it and to the characters. There are three things that you need to have that can help compel a person to read your novel.

  1. The Mystery Factor
  2. The Journey Factor
  3. The Relatability Factor
The Mystery Factor
Every book has the mystery factor – the reader who picks it up has no idea where the story is going, so there is a mystery. And you want to use that mystery to draw them in, so that they want to find the answers as to where the story might take them. It’s your job as the author to uncover a bit of that mystery but just enough to entice them to keep reading and keep them wondering what is going to happen to the protagonist/main character.
The Journey Factor
Every reader wants to be taken on some sort of journey. That’s why they read fiction. They want to be taken away from the reality of their life – maybe into something very different or maybe something that is similar. Just something that will help them believe in a bigger world than the one they currently live in.
The Relatability Factor
The reader has to find something in your book blurb that they can relate to – the main character’s struggle with change, the humor in a situation, the overwhelm/unfairness/difficulties of life, the successes/joy/excitement of life, the mistakes… The reader needs to believe and know that someone else is going through struggles but they also have to be something the reader can understand.
“Connect the reader to your story through the fiction book blurb.”
Make your reader care.
These three factors will give you the tools you need to connect the reader to your story and your character. If you can ensure there is all three in your book blurb you will pull the reader in.

So now that you’ve written your novel, which is a big accomplishment, make sure that you’re telling the reader how good it is. Write a compelling fiction book blurb.

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