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Talks to Seniors about Honoring Women and the Journey they’ve lived.

These women have lived through the most dynamic changes in history.

…Glenna spoke very clear, told stories and related to the seniors… I really enjoyed the speech and the stories and some of the residents when they spoke.

Ashley (staff)

Sherwood House

Glenna did a great presentation and is an excellent speaker. She expresses a powerful story of why we should record our story.

Mary Ellen Rennie

Recreation Manager, Sherwood House

…Glenna gave their journey value and significance… The residents seemed genuinely pleased to be “heard”. Glenna exhibited a sincere desire to facilitate communication between the generations. Her passion for her works pours from her heart…”

Kim Greig

Family member of a resident, Qualicum Manor

I re-learned to never give up on a dream… I enjoyed everything, especially how the talk was structured…

Marcella Mrnka

Social Worker, Sunridge

Writing Workshops

Helping women get over the hurdles holding them back from getting started writing or keeping writing.

I feel more confident and that I am a writer and I do have a message. I have never taken a course like this before, it has huge value for me.
Margaret Humphries

Glenna made it enjoyable and fun. I learned to give myself more time and patience and to develop my own unique voice and what I want to say. Enjoyed a new way of looking at my writing. Such an enjoyable experience.

I learned to flush out ideas through the exercises. Glenna presented material clearly, was organized and knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyed the material.

Amazing! Until today I have never shared any of my writing, let alone read it out loud to strangers!…
Claire O'Connor

Topics Glenna speaks about include:
Do you know your Mom’s Story?

Honoring Women – Their Amazing Journey

Mom and Me – Get the Conversation Started/Connecting through Time

Mom and Me – Discover Her Past to Empower Your Future

Write for the Love of It!

Get Writing, It’s Easier than You Think

Writing – From Idea to Publishing

Write Your Book

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