The Simple Steps

To Write a Compelling

Fiction Book Blurb

Create a Catchy Fiction Book Blurb

It’s all in the story…

Writing the fiction book blurb can be daunting, overwhelming and stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Do you know that without a compelling fiction book blurb, you’re likely to lose readers?

I’m Glenna Mageau, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach. When I published my first suspense/thriller I found writing the fiction book blurb almost more difficult than writing the novel. Frustrated, I became determined to find a much simpler way to write a compelling fiction book blurb. Now with my  fifth novel published, I am able to write my compelling fiction book blurb in about 30 minutes.

Want to know an easier way to write your fiction book blurb?

The Set-up, Capture and Intrigue are the components that are key to making your fiction book blurb stand out. They are the missing link that gives the reader a glimpse inside the pages of your story. Its not always easy to determine what those elements are or how to put them together so they sound interesting, intriguing and enticing… but it is possible.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Fiction vs Nonfiction Book Blurbs

What’s the difference?

The Layout

Essential to grabbing

reader’s attention

5 Essential Elements

Key to your Fiction

Book Blurb


When to start

And where to keep your focus

5 Factors to

Know About

The Protagonist

The Antagonist

The BackStory

The Right Tone

And Opposites

Do Attract

Leave Out the Details

The things you

don’t need to say



Use Reviews and


Let others say

what a good story

you’ve written

All for just $79

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Here’s what other writers and authors had to say

“…the most down to earth, precise and easily understandable course for writing the Fiction Book Blurb, which I have previously struggled with despite other tutorials… I have now updated the blurbs on three of my novels in no time at all. They read much better after Glenna’s instruction and were easy to put together…”

Yvonne Ellen

“…well worth doing. I have been writing fiction for over ten years and have always struggled with writing the blurb… I can recommend all independent writers to take the course, even experienced authors.”

J. Fallon-Cook

“thanks Glenna, that was the best course on writing fiction (blurbs) I’ve seen, a professional presentation filled to overflowing with easy to understand information. Recommended to all authors no matter where they are in their career.”

Noel Eastwood

“I found the course very helpful, informative.”

Misty Dawn

All for just $79

“Well presented mini-course on writing book blurbs. Glenna Mageau has captured the essence of how to do this, quite frankly, annoying task… Her presentation is clear, the pace is well thought out; you can watch all the video presentations in one sitting, or one a day. Her voice is easy to listen to – a definite bonus when someone is talking to you… Thank you Ms. Mageau. ”

A. Peel

“…content was clearly presented and easy to understand. I am a newbie writer in process…”

Linda Zupancic

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