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Write your book!

Ladies, do you have a book that you are wanting to write but feel stuck? can’t get started or keep going?

My goal is to get your writing and to keep you writing.

You’re already a writer, now let’s get you writing.


Writing a book is an incredible journey.

Start writing today! Tomorrow might be too far away!

Glenna is an Award-Winning Author of 9 books – 5 suspense/thrillers and 4 heart-touching nonfiction. She knows how to get a book written, how to write a good book and how to overcome those hurdles holding you back.

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Hire Glenna as your Speaker

You’ll be intrigued…

Glenna connects both intellectually and emotionally with her audience.

Read for the Adventure!

Read to Escape… Read to Discover…


Page Turning suspense/thrillers

Heart Touching and Humorous Nonfiction

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