my failed attempt at writing a fiction book blurb
Write a Compelling Fiction Book Blurb
Writing a compelling fiction book blurb is so important to grabbing the reader’s attention. It’s only 200 words, so how hard could it be?
I’d like to tell you it’s easy but I sure didn’t find it that way for a long time. In fact, it took me publishing 3 novels and reading a lot of information, reading a lot of book blurbs and talking with other authors to really understand how to write a good fiction book blurb.

Those 200 words seemed almost impossible to me at times. It just never made sense that I could write 98,365 words and not be able to write 200 that were dynamite.

But I couldn’t. It didn’t make sense. And I was so overwhelmed with what should I write, how do I take what I know and make it something that a reader would be interested in. It eluded me for a long time

It was interesting but not compelling
So this was one of my failed attempt at writing a fiction book blurb.
Example – not well written:

Tarin has lost a week of her life. She doesn’t know what happened but not long after she returns to work she is suspended from her job. Confused and pregnant, she quits and agrees to marry Stephen, only to be thrown into a whole new nightmare. Realizing she has made a mistake and can’t handle the abuse, she grabs her son and moves across the country…

This isn’t too bad. Maybe even mildly interesting. What do you think?

This information only takes you to Chapter 3 in my story. Eeek. If I’d kept on this path I’d have about two pages for my book blurb as my novel is 55 chapters long. And the excitement, the drama, the intrigue would easily get lost in this. It might grab your attention but I don’t think would it compel many to read my novel. There is just too much detail. It ends up reading more like a mildly interesting short story than an intriguing read that makes you want to read more.

Example – that is good:

She’s lost a week of her life and now, someone wants to steal the secret she is hiding…

Doing whatever it takes to protect her family, Tarin abandons her abusive marriage, rescues her son and flees across country. Unsure who to trust, she plans on using her new job with a Private Investigator, Knight’s Associates, to give her the connections and resources she needs to find answers. Seven days of her life are missing and she doesn’t know why but the consequences of it are undeniable.

Way better, right?

There is more to this fiction book blurb but just wanted to show you how changing up the information and removing a lot of the details is way more attention grabbing. You still know that she was in an abusive marriage and that she escaped but now you’ve got details as to where she went and what she plans on doing about it.

Remember my talking about the Yin and Yang of your story – Opposites do Attract? This is a really good example of putting that into play.

Where she’s at:

‘Tarin is in an abusive marriage but she’s had enough, she grabs her son and flees.’

Where she wants to be:

‘find answers to who stole a week of her life’

“I had to cut the details to be able to make it interesting.”
Make your reader care.
So the first thing I’d suggest is to look at your story and look at what you’ve written for your fiction book blurb. Now how can you take that and make it more concise? remove some of the details?

As I’ve suggested, start with writing your fiction book blurb in a different format than how you wrote your story. So if you find yourself in this place of being caught up in what you’ve already written, follow my suggestions on this blog. It will help you to remove yourself from what you’ve already written and be able to see it differently. You’ll be able to grab the key points and then be able to condense them into something that still gives the information without all the details.

Try to look at your fiction book blurb not through the eyes of the author but the eyes of the reader. What grabs you? What doesn’t? If it grabs your attention it will grab your reader’s as well.

Why not write a synopsis?
An easier way to write
a compelling
fiction book blurb.
What is so important about opposites?
Yin and Yang will make all the difference.
What will grab the reader?
A simple layout that is key.

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