Do You Know Your Mom’s Story

Electronic Version – Ebook and Journal

Now you can get to Know Your Mom’s Story. Easily and effortlessly.

And you can type it while she tells you about her life … her journey

Mom's Story - Ebook

Mom's Story - EbookThe Ebook – Do You Know Your Mom’s Story. 365 Questions You Need to Ask Her 

“…it reaches far beyond dates of birth, marriage and death and into the heart and soul of a woman and her family…” Multi-Award-Winning Author P.M. Terrell

What do you really know about your Mom?

Do you know what her hopes, dreams and desires were? Did she live them?

Your mom is so much more than the woman who raised you. She grew up in a time very different from yours—there were different beliefs, habits, and ways of doing things. Your mom has seen a lot in her life, getting to hear her journey will help you to understand her in a whole new light. Now is the time get to know her and to document her life. The only way to find out about your mom’s story is to ask… because one day she won’t be there anymore.

When we reach old age we should know our lives mattered, that we mattered, that we are loved, happy and feel connected.

This book offers a way to start conversations between you and your mom—in particular, elderly mothers. It is a guide which provides questions to ask, as well as how and when to ask them. Use this as a way to grow, heal and/or mend the relationship between mom and child; preserve this woman’s journey through life and in particular her role as Mom. Her story is her legacy to you. Filled with over 365 questions.

“…insightful questions with thought provoking examples and explanations…” Christine Jackson

 Mom’s Story. The Answered Questions Journal 

 This journal is a fillable Microsoft Word document.

 It contains over 365 questions.

 All you have to do is ask the questions and then fill in your mom’s answers.

 You even have room to add in your own questions, pictures, etc.

What’s been holding you back from asking your mom about her life? Or documenting her life?

You know it’s something you want to do but you just can’t get started.

Or maybe you’ve started but can’t seem to keep going.

Discovering your mom’s story is the best gift.

This Journal and Ebook make it easy to get the conversation started

and to ask the questions of those things that matter.

All you have to do is ask and type.

What others are saying

I love it. It is so much simpler to type than to write and now I can get it finished and then I’m going to print and bind it and give it to my whole family.


These questions have brought back so many memories for me. Things I haven’t thought of in years. It takes me right back. This is special for me. I will be getting my kids to fill in the answers, though. I truly appreciate this gift, Glenna. Thank you.


Topics Covered in the Journal

Here are the topics and a taste of some of the questions.

All those things you always wanted to know but never asked ...

The Fun and Interesting stuff

What are some of the fun/interesting events in her life? In her childhood? Tweens? Teens? In her 20's? 30's? 40's? 50's? 60's? 70's? 80'? 90's? 100's?

Did she ever do something daring? Or want to? Did she ever climb a tree?

And so many more ...

Your Mom's Birth

Where exactly was she born—in hospital, at home, enroute, other?

Where did she sleep as a baby? (crib, dresser drawer, in bed with parents...)

What was something special her mom liked to do with her as a baby? Toddler? Child?

And so many more ...

Your Mom's Upbringing

Where did your mom grow up? In the country (rural)? In the city (urban)?

Did she have a nickname? How did she get it? Did she like it? Is she still called that? By whom?

Did she have to do chores? What chores?

And so many more ...

Her Family & Family History

 What is her mom's story? Where born? Where raised? What was it like for her as a child?

What is her dad's story? Where born? Where raised? What was it like for him as a child?

Did they have family reunions? If yes, where? when? who came?

and so many more ...

Marriage and Relationships

 Her parents - how did they meet? where were they married? what was their wedding like?

Your parents - how did they meet? where were they married? what was their wedding like?

What is her best advice for a successful relationship?

and so many more ...


 What did your mom like about school? Where did she go to school?

What grade or level did she achieve in school? post-secondary?

Was she encouraged to get an education?

Favorite sujbect? Least favorite subject?

and so many more ...

There are a few more topics along with room to add in more information. And you can add pictures throughout or at the end.

Hi. I’m Glenna Mageau. I’m a multi-award-winning author, as well as the author and creator of both this Ebook and Journal.

I thought I knew my mom. I mean, she’s mom. It wasn’t until I lost my father and realized how much I didn’t know about him that I finally made the effort to get to know my mom. It was life changing for me. And I think for her too. She’d always wanted to share about her life but didn’t know how to tell us the real personal stuff, the why’s, the why not’s, the good and the bad. And she didn’t see it as all that important. There were a lot of things she had wanted to do in her life but didn’t.

She shared with me her frustrations, her dreams, her struggles, what she was most proud of … It was incredible. I didn’t judge, I just asked and listened.

After I healed my relationship with my mom and got to know her story, I understood and healed so much of myself that not only did we get some really good quality time before she passed away but she got to see me step up and live the life I wanted.

I know how tough it can be to ask the questions, to get mom talking and sharing, which is why I created – Do You Know Your Mom’s Story? 365 Questions You Need to Ask Her and the Mom’s Story, The Answered Questions Journal, to help you with how to ask your mom about her life, and to be sure to document it.

I didn’t document a lot of my mom’s life and now that she’s gone, I am scrambling to find and remember all that she told me.

I’m on a mission to help mom’s of all ages but especially older moms, to share their journey, their story with their children, with their family. And to help her children on how to ask and to get the conversations started.

Your mom’s story matters. Grow, mend, and or heal  your relationship and get to know and preserve your mom’s story. It’s worth the journey.

What others are saying

I wish I’d had this when my mom was alive. Sadly I didn’t ask enough questions and I didn’t document it. So I am doing this for my family-my kids and grandkids.

Carol S.

I’d have never thought of half of these questions. What a gold mine. Love it. I realized how much I don’t know. Learning a lot.


Give your mom the best gift, get to know her story.


The hard work is already done for you. Inside the Ebook are tips and questions – what to ask, and how to ask it. And now you have an eletronic journal, to document it in. The questions are already there.

Getting to know your mom’s story, is something you can do in person, over the phone, over a facetime chat … the possibilities are endless.



FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you might have.

Are all the questions from the Ebook in the Journal

All the questions that are in the paperback and the kindle version of Do You Know Your Mom’s Story? 365 Questions You Need to Ask Her, are in the Journal along with a few more. And there is space for you to add in your own questions or additional stories, pictures or information.

Can I open the journal in any other program besides Microsoft Word?

At this time, no. I have created this document to be used in word. It is a fillable document that has all the questions already listed, so all you have to do is fill in your mom’s answers. Or your answers if you are doing your own story.

Can I add in my own questions?

There is space for you to add in additional information, questions, stories, whatever you would like.

Why do I need the ebook and the journal?

There is a lot more information in the ebook. There are 10 additional chapters in the book, where I talk about moms, being a mom, what it might have been like in the era she grew up int. It will help you to understand your mom better. And hopefully see her in a new light. My goal is to help you enusre you talk to your mom about her journey, her life and what might be the best approach to use. Some moms just don’t want to talk about themselves.  I talk about why she might not want to share about her journey and how to work with her to get the answers to her life.

What if I have questions about how to use this?

You can contact me through my contact page. Click here. 

My goal is to have some videos and information created to help you with filling out the workbook. It is a work in progress so if you run into any glitches, please let me know.

How do I fill it in?

When you get your email it will give you the links to the ebook and the journal. The journal will need to be opened in Microsoft Word. There you will see that the journal is formatted and has all of the questions there for you. The questions are locked, so you shouldn’t be able to delete them. But you can fill in answers underneath each question. You can also add in pictures if you’d like. Remember to save the document on your computer some place where you can find it. And remember to save it frequently throughout when filling it in. And be sure that you have auto-save on. It might save you a lot of stress and headaches. I will be coming out with some videos to help explain and to make it super simple and easy to do.

Is there an ebook and journal for Dad's Story?

There is currently an ebook and a paperback of Do You Know Your Dad’s Story. The Unasked Questions. Both are loaded with questions. The Journal, which will also be a fillable Microsoft Word Document, is coming.

Discovering your mom’s story is worth the journey.

The ready-made journal makes it easy and effortless.

Ask the questions and type your mom’s answers. That’s it.

Get to know and preserve your mom’s story.


Even though you might feel like you have all the time in the world to do this,

believe me when I tell you, you don’t.

Regret is the saddest thing to have to live with.

Ask your mom, I bet she has a good story to tell.

Start the Conversation, Today!

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