A 3D Book Cover will grab more attention.
Your book cover not only needs to look professional but it needs to really grab the reader’s attention.
You know when you go to a library or a book store and pick up a book. There’s nothing like holding a real book in your hands is there? I love the feel of a book. And the look of a book.

When you see a book, what is the first thing that you do? You pick it up and look at the cover. So the cover needs to look good. No question about that.

But things have changed. People are more often than not, looking at books on the internet – whether to buy a paperback, ebook or audiobook. So not only do you need to have a cover that gives a hint about what your book is about but it needs to pop. It needs to stand out and grab attention from the other millions of books and the other billions of images.

Images are a great way to grab attention and your book cover is no different. But having a book cover, gives you an advantage. You can make the book cover image look like a book. Often when you get your book cover it is 2D. They are flat pictures. They look like this:

Which doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t really stand out and give the impression it’s a book (unless you stop and read what’s on it). Right now it is just another picture that could be skimmed over. And I don’t know about you but after all my hard work of writing a book, I want it to look like one, even if it is just an ebook.

I found this program that changed that flat, 2D picture into a 3D picture. Look at what it does to it:


The two on either end were created with this program. The image in the middle, I used the book I created using this program, and then added it to a marketing banner. The 3D book image on the banner it looks more appealing than if I’d put a flat picture.

Your book, whether an ebook or paperback looks more real to the reader when it’s 3D. It looks like a book they’d pick up at the library or book store or it gives the sense of what it would look like on their ereader. It definitely brings it to life and makes it stand out more.

What a difference, right?
To make these ebook covers I use this program Ecover Authority

It’s a web based graphics application that easily lets you create 3D covers without having Photoshop or any other photo program. It truly is easy to use. There are a number of choices that you can choose from: paperback front and back book covers (in different sizes and facing different angles), hardcover book covers (in different sizes and facing different angles), ereaders, tablets, computer monitors, TV screens, etc. You simply choose the one you want and then you either upload your picture or you choose a background that they have.


(*affiliate link – means I get paid a commission if you buy through my website)


Here are a few of the options I’ve created, using their backgrounds. You can use this program to take your PDF giveaway or one that you have for sale or a course and turn it into something that looks more like what it represents.


(just the book part or CD’s were done with Ecover Authority not the boxes they are displayed in. I wanted to show you some of the variety that is available.)





“If your book covers look like real books, they are more likely to grab attention.”
Make your book covers stand out on the Internet with 3 D Covers.
So as an author, I suggest you give your book that extra pop that will grab a reader’s attention.
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