Finding Confidence and Voice as a Writer

Finding Confidence and Voice as a Writer

Finding your confidence as a writer, I think is one of the biggest struggles there is. For a long time, I know I had a hard time believing that my writing was any good. In truth, it probably wasn’t all that great in the beginning. But I was determined to learn how to write and to write well. So after taking courses, joining a writing group and then a critique group and just continually learning from others, my writing is now good. And I really like the complex, twist and turn, suspense/thrillers I now write. I am thankful that I put in the time to focus on my writing and to get better.

It really is like anything that you’d really like to get good at, as long as you keep it beyond your fingertips and feel like you can’t be any good at it, you probably won’t be. But if you are willing to take the time to step back and learn, you can be very good at it. There is no such thing as perfection so don’t waste your time on that. There are things you will do really well. There will be things you don’t do so well. And there will be things you normally do really well that sometimes you just don’t. It is a bit of a roller coaster, trying to get it right. But that’s okay. Allow yourself to experiment, to have fun with writing.

So now that you know going in that you will make mistakes, take the leap… go after your passion.

There is nothing worse than wanting something but feeling like it is out of your grasp… when in truth it isn’t.


Donna Barker, an author and founder of Write Woman Write (an online membership group for women) asked to do an interview with me on

Finding Confidence and Voice as a Writer.

I share my journey with writing, the struggles I had, the obstacles I had to overcome… I also share some tips that will help you to overcome the desire to write but feeling stuck and how to overcome the fear of being judged. You are not alone on your writing journey.

Where do you find yourself stuck with writing?

Formatting The Novel To Be Converted to An Ebook

formatting your novel to convert to an ebookFormatting The Novel To Be Converted To An Ebook

I have to tell you its a bit of a tedious job but a necessary one. I was in the process of formatting my latest novel, Deadly Ties which is being released in a little over a month. Since I was going through and remembered when I first did this with my first novel Captured Lies and the hours I spent figuring it out and then doing it, aaahhhhhh. So I thought I would share this simple trick I learned.

The biggest thing you want for your ebook is for it to look professional and to keep it looking like someone is reading a paperback. In other words you don’t want to have big gaps in your ebook. And it doesn’t take much to produce them. In the video I walk you through the simple steps to remove the spacing that will cause those unsightly gaps in your ebook. A simple extra space in word can cause a gap in the middle of a paragraph or if at the end, it will put that big space between paragraphs.


For example:

Here is a sentence    that has some extra spaces.

In word it doesn’t look too bad but you really don’t want it.

In an ebook, this is what it would look like:

Here is a sentence


that has some extra spaces.


That is why it is so important to go through your manuscript and make sure that you remove those tiny little spaces. The video shows you how to do that.



want to format your novel - v

How did you make out? It’s tedious right?

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