How Has Resistance Stopped You From Moving Forward

How has resistance stopped you from moving forward?


how has resistance stopped you from moving forward


Writing is one thing isn’t it? But putting yourself out there? Having others read it… Now that’s scary. The truth is that we often come up against resistance and I think too often we tell ourselves that our gut instinct is that it isn’t for me or that it’s too much work or who am I to put my stuff out there, who’d read it? There are so many ways resistance shows up in our lives. And I know that as a writer and author it can be really tough to step beyond that barrier. I was so scared when I published my first novel, Captured Lies, I think I was almost in panic of what would others think. But I am so grateful and glad that I took that step. I will tell you right now that not everything was perfect with Captured Lies but I knew that I had to leap or I’d never get over myself. 🙂 Now I have successfully published eight novels.

Today, I am talking to two magnificent women about Resistance – how it can stop us and a few tips for you to move beyond that resistance.

“Move beyond resistance, it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.” Glenna Mageau

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