What You Need to Create a Successful Book Trailer

What You Need to Create a Successful Book Trailer

what you needtocreateasuccessfulbooktrailer

The book trailer is one of those things that is becoming more popular and to be honest I think it’s a must, especially for Indie Authors.

Your book trailer is meant to showcase the essence of your story in a short (1 – 2 mins. max.) but interesting video.

Making a book trailer is like writing a book blurb/book description. You want the person watching, to get a sense of what your story is about, the type of genre and to go on an emotional journey as they watch. You want them pulled into your video. One, so they watch it to the end but also, so that they will want to pick up your novel and read it.

It needs to be short, catchy and entice the reader to want to know more.

Five things that you need to consider including that will help you create a catchy book trailer:
  • The climax – but you don’t give away the outcome of it
  • The biggest struggle that the protagonist or main character has
  • What is the antagonist trying to achieve
  • What if the protagonist fails in stopping the antagonist
  • Setting – where is all of this happening (it can be shown through the images not stated outright)

You can use static images and add effects in to those or you can do a recording of a scene or several scenes for your book trailer. If you use images, make sure that you have copyright to use them.

Use words but use them sparingly. I know it sounds kind of funny that I’m telling a writer not use a lot of words when you’re promoting a book but it’s true. Do not write big blocks of text, making the person watching read. It causes so many issues – one people generally don’t watch videos to read and you have to time it so that people have time to read it all – too short of time and they will be frustrated and too long and they will be bored. Pictures work really well at grabbing attention and when you can use a picture to state what you need, rather than words, do so.

Ensure that you add in, at the end, some of the positive reviews that you’ve received. Again, keep the short, you don’t need the whole review, just an attention-grabbing piece. And two or three is plenty.

i.e. Tainted Waters – “…One minute you want to cackle out laughing, and the next yell for her to run for her life…” Virginia E. Johnson

Ensure within your book trailer, that you include:
  1. The book cover – beginning and end or just at the end
  2. Music or Narration – choose carefully as it can add to the enticement
  3. At the end
    1. Reviews
    2. Who created the book trailer
    3. Copyright
    4. Where to buy your novels – at the end of the book trailer
    5. Your website
    6. Any other acknowledgements – i.e. the music, the images, etc.
There are several programs you can use to make your book trailer:
  1. Powerpoint
  2. VideoMaker F/X (this is the one that I use – Love it)
  3. Microsoft Movie Maker – if it’s still available
  4. iMovie for Mac (have never used this)
  5. Corel Video Studio – just learning it but really like what it has to offer
  6. Jing – Free
  7. Camtasia
  8. org – may have a program (free)
  9. There are so many others – what do you use?


You can check out the book trailers I created:

Captured Lies

Tainted Waters

What do you feel is important in a book trailer? What program do you use?

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