You have 200 word to go. But they don’t have to be overwhelming and daunting.

Write a Compelling Fiction Book Blurb

Your protagonist or main character is the key to grabbing the reader’s attention and drawing them in to reading your novel.

Simple tips that can make all the difference to how you’re writing your fiction book blurb.

  1. Fiction vs nonfiction – what’s the difference
  2. When to write it?
  3. The Tone
  4. Relevant and Relatable
  5. The layout

Did you get your 10 Question Cheat Sheet, to help you write a compelling fiction book blurb?

Why not write a synopsis?

An easier way to write
a compelling
fiction book blurb.

What is so important about opposites?

Yin and Yang will make all the difference.

What will grab the reader?

A simple layout that is key.

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