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The 3 Mindsets, Key to Writing

Glenna Mageau, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

Writing is one of those things that people either find easy or hard. And sadly for most people they find it hard, most of the time. The truth is though that writing is what we make it. For many of us, writing is difficult, overwhelming, confusing and intimidating. I’d like to help remove some of that stress of writing. There are 3 Mindsets that are key to the process of writing. When they are used the write way, they work amazing, when they are used the wrong way, well… frustration, overwhelm, confusion and intimidating are what you might end up with. Which is what often gets people into writer’s block.


  1. the Thinking Mode,
  2. the Idea Mode
  3. the Writing Mode.

When you get them right, writing is so much easier and fun.

You need to be able to use all 3 when you want to write but how you use them really matters.

 Often people get an idea, get excited about it and then… start to think about how to make it happen and that’s often where the problem starts to come in.

The Thinking Mode is one that many get caught in. Thinking about your idea and how to get it done is really important however, people often use it wrong. They get caught up in using this mode to focus on – I don’t know where to start, I don’t know what to write about, what if it sucks, I don’t’ know where to go with this… and on and on the negative thinking goes. This type of thinking is why people get stuck.

The Thinking Mode is key to the whole writing process when used properly. So how do you use this modality effectively? It’s important to come up with what you want to write, your idea/story, but your thoughts need to be focused on how do you do it. How do I make this happen? What do I need to do with this…? How do I pull these things together so that it works? Who does this person need to be? Keep asking the how’s, the what’s and the who’s, in a positive light.

But don’t stay here. Once you have an idea or many ideas, it’s time to move on.


The Idea Mode is where you need to take that idea and grow it. You need to let the ideas flow. This is another place that many get stuck – too many ideas (often unrelated), not enough ideas, no real concrete ideas. The Thinking Mode is important to use to come up with your idea(s), the Idea Mode is where you allow your ideas to flow and build and grow.

This is where you play with your ideas, where you start asking questions of your ideas. This is where you determine the right idea for you and then you nurture it and feed it, so that it will grow.  Many get stuck here with a great idea that is slowing fizzling out—the idea doesn’t flow, grow and build. You stop writing and that’s where you start thinking, ‘all this crap’ or ‘this is too much work’…

The Idea Mode is to grow, build and develop your idea. When it is used properly, it will keep the ideas flowing and keep you engaged and writing.

Then you you need to get information from your thoughts down on paper. I share several tools to help you–7 Techniques to Get You Writing— get that information from mind to paper. This is so important because without having ideas flow there’s no story. If there’s no story, there’s no writing or at least continuous writing.


The Writing Mode is simply about writing. It is when you bring it all together—the thinking mode, the idea mode and you give it life in the writing mode. You have this  idea, you’ve grown that idea and now you’re going to put that idea down on paper. The information comes together and flows through your fingers or your voice (depends on how you put it on paper). To use the writing mode, you need to be present, engaged and allow the ideas to build on each other and the words to come. No editing.

All of your thinking and ideas and writing are focused on how to build and grow and expand this story into something bigger and better. Making it perfect (which there is no such thing but as writers we do worry way too much about perfect, so just aim for great or even really good), comes later. Your goal is really to open the gates so that the flood will happen… in a good way.

It’s an exciting place to be in when it all comes together to culminate in this grand orchestrated moment of writing.

The writing mode is about opening all those pathways, everything is aligning so that you are just writing and in that forward motion of developing your idea into a story.

Plan for writing

Allow your writing to flow.

To really enjoy writing and to take the overwhelm and stress from it, it is extremely important to get these 3 Mindsets right and working together. When you talk to yourself in a positive, inquiring way it will keep you moving forward and reaching out to seek the answers and how to, to make writing happen. All three of these need to be used together, over and over while you write so that you can continue to put words down on paper. So that you can continue to grow your idea into a book. Writing is the goal. Well that and having fun with it.

Isn’t writing amazing? You can take an idea, think about it, create it, build it and have that information flow from your brain to your fingers or your voice and show up in written form. Love it.

Where do you find you get stuck in writing?  

“Allow yourself to easily transition between the Mindsets, so you can open the gates that will allow the words to flow.”

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