3 Keys to a more compelling and interesting fiction book blurb

Make your fiction book blurb as good as your story.

Get Your Write On!

Writing Isn’t Meant to Be Work

It’s Meant To Be Fun!

Are you a woman, who has


been drawn to write…

loves to write…

has this idea that you’d really like to turn into a story…

others have told you, you should write…

you really want to…


You just can’t seem to find the time

You’re not sure how to make it interesting

What if people don’t like what you write

There are many things holding you back

You just can’t seem to get started

You’re at that stage in your life…

you’ve looked after everyone else…

you’ve had the career…

you finally have time for you…

and you have always been drawn to writing

or telling stories

or you feel you have a message to share…

You’re here because you want to write

You know you have it within you

You’re just not sure where to go with it

Get Writing

Get over the hurdles holding you back

Get your ideas down on paper

Writing is not easy but what can be even tougher is getting out of your story so you can get started… so you can get your ideas down on paper… so you can get your story, your message, written…


Since you’re here, I already know you’re a writer. I believe everyone truly is but not everyone will want to pursue it.

Writing is a gift, get ready to step into yours and explore the creativity of it.

Or maybe you have your novel written but are struggling with

Writing the Catchy Fiction Book Blurb


Are you struggling with where to start?

How to make it interesting?

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3 Keys to Creating a Compelling

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Writing the Book Blurb can be difficult…

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